The Gothic building was initially mentioned in 1384. At the end of the 14th century, the castle underwent extensive re-structuring. And the later owner, Hugo von Schleinitz, commissioned the architect of the Albrechtsburg castle in the 15th century with the construction work, which gave the place its appearance, as we can largely find it today. As early as 1930, several parts of the castle were made accessible to the public by the former owners, the Arnim Family. The family was expropriated in 1945 and the museum reopened in 1949. Since 1993, the castle has been owned by the Free State of Saxony and most parts of it can be visited.

Our job:

Appropriate renovation for the purposes of a museum.


The historic flooring that was lost because of fungus attack was replaced in combination with maintained fragments and new flooring so that new and old remain clearly recognizable. Then, the floor was cleaned and sanded, respectively, and finally oiled.

Size of job approx. 400 sq. m