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Architekturfotografie Florian Profitlich

The 3-winged building was designed by the architect Philipp Daniel Boumann and built in 1785/86 as the first Neoclassical building. Up until 1918, it served as the official residence of the Hohenzollern family. Thereafter, the castle no longer served as a private home but was used by several institutions. The current central entrance was redesigned in 1938. Heavily destroyed during WWII, the castle was refurbished between 1954 and 1959 and became, for the first time, the official residence of the German President in Berlin.

Our job:

Take measures to redesign the Bellevue Palace to fit the functions of the Federal President.


To incorporate the security equipment and data carriers in the floor, about 1/3 of the parquet had to be taken up. It was catalogued, removed, reworked and put back in place later. All other parquet flooring was renovated while being in place. Then, the entire flooring was sanded and oiled.

Size of job approx. 2,000 sq. m