The Duchess Anna Amalia Library in Weimar is a research centre for the history of European culture and literature. It keeps literary evidence from the 9th to the 21st century as sources of the cultural history and research. The library’s inventory covers a total of about 1 million units. The historic part of the library, severely damaged by a fire, was opened up to the public again in December 2007.

Our job:

Restoration of the removed original flooring not damaged by the fire and relaying, including new flooring.


Taking the flooring to our premises, washing it by hand with soap and water to remove the dirt, repairing and cutting out defects, slight smoothening of the surfaces using wheel sanders, surface treatment at the workshop by applying glue solution and Sebosil. Then, the floor was installed and the visible nailing was made by hand-forged nails. Solid wax oil was applied as surface finish.

Size of job approx. 300 sq. m old flooring
and approx. 700 sq. m new flooring